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to enter into the system. weree old days, before we worried about cybersecurity the faa was concerned -- considered the air traffic system a closed system. it was pretty much that way. now, as we expand the system we have more people introducing things into the system and we modernize the system. as we go to space-based, aircraft are going to become a note in an information system to do collaborative air traffic control. controllers are working with pilots and aircraft. the aircraft have a bigger picture of what is going on. as we introduce those into the closed loop, the information management system on the aircraft, that could be a way to get into the system and could compromise the system. as we open the back of the airplane up to more people using the internet then that is a possible entry into the system through the flight management system. justtleman from germany hewed an android app, how can take over an aircraft going through the automatic broadcast system, which is satellite-based air traffic control, and the flight management system. basic commands -- go here, that reroutes
visitor programs certification from immigrations and forced them without being certified by the faa. according to g.a.o., 167 out of 434th flight training schools, 38% today do not have the required faa certification. i am told ice is often unaware when they revoke certification for flight training providers. i understand that ice is working with f.a.a. to thards issue. what updates and insurance consist you provide about ice's efforts to improve its communication with the f.a. toombings address this issue? >> i think we are very far along. by the way, senator, we're also moving from a new system governing institutions that educates student visa holders. this will help solve the problem. i will get to that. the silent screen process. under the present system, applicants for asylum must undergo a credible fear interview to determine whether they have a credible fear of persecution in his or her county of origin. but the officer determines that they have a credible fear, the application is a long for further consideration. this bill streamlines the process partly by allowing a screeni
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2